Cycling: My New Health Mantra

During this viral menace, cycling has proved to be a blessing for me. Caught up in the house whole day and night, I started cycling to wear off the covid blues. And it truly was a great relief that kept my wheel of life and health rolling. With all the safety precautions, I could fight my boredom and stay active too. I already was a member of the cycling group #cyclespinners Faridabad, but was not that regular.

This pandemic made me a cycling enthusiast, and I pedal every day to catch up all the peace and the calm in me. It’s like a meditation to me now that heals me from inside!!! And weekends are for a half century ride for me!!(Max was 65 Kms)

Physical exercise is the best way to strengthen our immune system and cycling does all the good to your body. I feel fit (not slimJ). It is a great cardiovascular exercise that helps burn calories and increases muscle strength too. It is a stress buster better than my monotonous walks and gym. It helped me in better sleep and my overall wellbeing.

If there was one positive that could be pulled out of the calamitous coronavirus tragedy, it is the turnaround it has brought on environment and air quality. So, I enjoyed nature on my bike too.  The sun, the sky, the trees, the birds … all felt like all are breathing and living. Its amazing to see the early morning cycling through the lush greens in areas near Faridabad. The best was spotting a peacock on the main road, that earlier had only traffic, truck, buses, cars and pollution on it. Even the evening rides are exciting watching the never so clear sky with all the colors spread over. The most beautiful was the two rainbow day!!!

Cycling is the one stop shop cure for all these diseases. A holistic exercise, exercising our entire body and with immense benefits to the lungs, cycling is the perfect antidote for all our lifestyle diseases in the era we live in.

The cycle ticks everything on the pandemic precaution checklist. You maintain physical distancing norms because you cannot get close to anyone else. It keeps you fit. And now with less traffic on the roads, it is safer than before.  So just fit it into your daily schedule and reap the enormous benefits.

Recovering from accidental gluten exposure.

When a person with celiac disease consumes gluten, the immune system recognizes gluten protein as a foreign invader and begins producing antibodies to fight it. Unfortunately, healthy cells are damaged in the process – particularly the villi lining the small intestine. When they are damaged by autoimmune activity, their function becomes impaired. It is this damage to the villi and the resulting malabsorption of nutrients that contributes to some of the long-term symptoms. Anyone who has been ‘glutened’ knows it only takes a teeny tiny bit of the stuff to make you feel absolutely miserable as it is painful both physically and emotionally. Accidental gluten ingestion can trigger a severe reaction and some very unpleasant symptoms. For those with positive celiac disease it may take years for complete healing of the small intestine after gluten exposure, although “outward symptoms” may resolve sooner. No matter how careful we are with reading labels and asking questions at restaurants you can fall prey to accidental gluten ingestion any time. But the more you educate yourself and the more careful you are, the less likely it is to happen.

There is no magic remedy to immediately stop the symptoms, but listed below are the methods I use to alleviate D’s reaction to gluten and speed up the healing process.

To start the day it is always a glass of Luke warm water. Staying hydrated is very important, extra fluids will help flush your system as well. Avoid caffeine or sodas, just plain water. This helps cool inflammation and mobilize toxins out of your body.

A bowl full of papaya is the first thing to eat, it contains an enzyme called papain, known for its benefits in treating indigestion and gastrointestinal diseases and also relieving gas. Pineapple, passion fruit and pomegranate  also have enzymes that aide digestion.

In addition to drinking regular water, I give him coconut water and lemonade throughout the day. Coconut water and lemonade starts the hydration process and naturally replaces electrolytes.

All the meals that day are light like poha for breakfast, yellow rice and curd for lunch and moong dal and rice again in Dinner. Not even gluten free chapatti or GF bread for him that day as they are not easy to digest. Avoid dairy and anything artificial.

I make sure he took complete rest as body will need time to heal.

Taking probiotics will help to reestablish the balance of healthy bacteria in your gut and L-glutamine is an amino acid that is beneficial for gut repair. Curd can do all the good to the stomach and Yakult is his favorite and healthy too.

When recovering from a glutening, the absolute best thing to do is listen to your own body and do what makes you feel better. Hope these tips will help you manage and recover from cross contamination swiftly and you start to feel better.

Staying Active: A Happy Celiac

Being physically active is the key to being physically and mentally fit, and helps everyone (healthy or a diseased person) become a more balanced, physically fit person. They will not only stay healthier, but will be happier, live longer, and also sleep better. This will help boost a person’s mental outlook, and also increase their self esteem. Physical fitness is one of the most important steps to a healthy body. Any activity that gets you moving, gets your heart rate up and gives you enough pleasure to do it regularly and often is good for you in almost every way. Staying active benefits different parts of your body and life. A daily exercise regime can do wonders for our health.

From mental-health to physical fitness, staying active can help us live a healthier and happier life. Whether it is working out in a gym, brisk walking, jogging, swimming, riding a bike, or playing a sport, any kind of physical activity releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body.  Adding a regular physical activity regimen to our routine can help improve our gut microbiome, decrease intestinal inflammation, and help to move food through your digestive tract. When we exercise, the body goes through many changes and functions. A combination of different physical activities, and at an adequate level, is certainly beneficial to your health. Of course, exercise can be difficult for some people suffering from more serious illnesses or more acute inflammation. The key to success is to start slowly and gradually increase your level of exercise.

While we started the GF diet for D, he was not at all active. He was week and had no strength. I slowly, started figuring out what worked best for him. And that included both his diet and sport activities. When D first joined his sport class, Week after week, he gained strength. It took a while, and it was hard. But he felt great every next day. We learned that these activities were not only important for building muscle mass, but it also strengthen his immune system. Now D goes regularly for his sports. It helps stay active. After his activities he is hungry and eats more fiber because of the extra energy expenditure due to exercise. He now enjoys many sports including football, lawn tennis, his swimming classes… and because of this lock down everything is stopped and it just he and his football on the terrace.

Staying active encourages healthy growth and development in childhood. It helps maintain a healthy weight and strengthens bones and muscles and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. It makes you feel happier and more energized.

 For adults, Yoga is a particularly excellent type of exercise to do to help regulate your digestive system. Poses that involve twisting are especially beneficial. The twisting movements help move material through the digestive system. D does not like Yoga but we have habit of doing “suryanamaskar” every day. So mom and kids enjoy it and benefit from it every evening.

Eating a well-balanced, varied gluten free diet, which includes a wide range of foods, will make sure that you’re getting all the nutrients you need to perform well at whichever sport you choose. So just let your kid play his favorite sport and stay active $ healthy life long!!!

This is my alphabet S for “Staying Active: A Happy Celiac”, in #BlogchatterA2Z #AprilA2Z in Parenting Tales with A Celiac Child. Do share your experiences as it’s always incredibly beneficial to connect with others who share similar experiences.

Silky Smoothy Chocolaty Land, Its Switzerland

Riding a little red train between peek and pine
Hiking and biking beside lakeshores and pea green vine
Soaking yourself in a mountain spa
Hearing the sound of cows bell jangleja
Our voyage to Switzerland
Zurich was the accommodation to be the first
And it’s plentious to fulfill the abroad thirst
Sedans touring cars trams jeeps junkers and planes
All well connected lane to lane
Having the best quality of life within its core
Museums art galleries opera house Parade Street and much more

The next in the array was Lucerne for sure
The Lucerne lake was so clam so smooth so classic so pure
The transit bridge had chromatic flowers infinite
The romantic lovey dovey place chosen so right
The ducks the swans taking the dips so near
I still dig into the purple light reflecting in the water so clear
Kris still hanging on to panorama of the lake
The best was dining together having the honey Swiss cake
All the natural feel good factors it had
Flawless unmingled purity of nature that made us mad

Mount Titlis, 10000 feet, it was supreme high
Reaching there was beyond the thought of my
Cable cars and cars and cars were they all
Every moment I thought I’ll just fall
Scared scared scared holding his hand and my breath too
We finally could hit the peak there
And then the view was mind blasting
It had every bit of this earth
The ground the sky the air the water
The snow the melt the mountains and the depth

Above the glacier, was the icy cave
Where we embossed our forever love image
And that will be there for ages to be
Till the dooms day Kris and Me

Rhine falls with water so white
Splashing waves never out of my sight
Uncountable steep and narrow stairs we climbed together
To have spectacular vista of falls and feel the cool romantic weather

Lakes Thun and Brienz join at Interlaken so close
On that cruize the wind was so chill that we frooze

Crossing Interlaken we reached another height
Named Jungfrau and that was again all in one might
Top of Europe it’s so called
To complete that stretch the trains just crawled

Place away from home were we
But suddenly could catch up with Geetu n Anubhav ji
They made our day so bright
N the evening more fun with dinner candle light!!!

The waves the rocks with no veg meals
I experienced the heaven glittering all it’s veil

The eternal home the happy hunting ground with sky so blue
It had the longest glacial flow with majestic view
Ill cherish every moment spent there
With Kris and all his affection, warmth, love and care
So creamy so polished it was
A Glimpse of heaven it was!!!

The Naini Lake !!!

Nainital 2020 Travel - Nainital Best Places, Things to Do in Nainital

It makes the stars twinkle in day ,
It gets in together the sun and the shade.

It is living and dead too,
Boats are more and fishes left a few!!
The wave, it’s move ,it’s curve ,it’s groove
All enough to make your soul drool !!!

Half light and half shade makes up its beauty whole day,
Slowly by evening it all sets in and goes away.
When the clouds cover those millions of water waves ,
It feels to step in that amazing heaven-like water cave!!

The sun sets in , the mountains cover it all round ,
The love walk beside the lake is spell-bound
In night the beauty increases many folds,
It’s silence , its noise, the ice cream in that weather so cold !!!

And that is the beauty of the Naini lake in Nanital. Our every month destination to feel close to nature. rejuvenating ourselves!!

Bosom Buddy

To fight with them or to make them cry
Still they are the one who makes your tears dry

Divergent at mind
Still having aforesaid heart kind

They every time telepath your words and so do you
Yes it happens don’t know why only with them and you

You never show anything but they can scratch your mind
They know your worriment and a solution they can find

Your ways of expression are different but your thinking match
At anytime if there is some exigency with anyone you both can catch
Pouring out hand in hand

Kicking up together in sand, Affixing your problems together
Be it worthy or an unpleasant weather

Feelings of love
Blossoming like dove

Moments of caring
Small small sharing

Stupid Idiotic brainless fights
Those nasty horrible guides

Syncing together in pain
Or just taping your toes in rain

Creates a miracle called

Blissful Burj

Dubai dry hot, was never on my bucket list to go,

Especially for my husband it was a complete no.

But when we booked our Mauritius Flight with Emirates Airways,

We gave Dubai a few dates!!

While coming back we halted in the city of gold for a day,

To enjoy some shopping and visit the Blissful Burj!!!

We had only a few hours to enjoy majestic beauty of this majestic standing so high,

Raising from the desert land touching the clouds reaching out to the sky.

An adventure in itself, standing so tall in the heart of the city of Gulf –colorful and divine,

Burj Khalifa, the symbol of Glitz and Glamour, is spreading all around it’s silver shine.

We hit the clean road to wind up to the world’s largest mall, the Dubai mall,

The first thing that catches the eye is the skating rink and the gigantic aquarium wall.

The best of shopping experience and mouthwatering popcorn of all flavors,

The largest food courts, the best of cuisine teaming up with Gluten Free food to savor.

Trekking the longest mall, we approached the ticket counter,

And then was a long queue waiting for every eye’s first encounter….

While in the queue we admired the writings about the construction process and the time taken to build the tower so tall,

Extraordinary union of engineering and art has made it all.

Miniature Burj !!

And then there was the elevator that whizzed us to the 125th floor,

Our eyes were anticipating for much more.

The stunning view from the height was incredible,

Everything down the world seemed like a decimal.

Outer silhouette has viewing sections, that allows best picturesque views in camera to be caught,

The other skyscrapers standing so low, the palm islands, the entire Dubai along with its beach-line in one shot!!!

Our eyes had the best best feast of the colorful landscape with strips of flowers spread all around,

The building rising on land of sand stood so insignificant on the ground.

We missed the view of 148 floor as the time was less to reach that height,

But we rejoiced the extravagant view of best of land, air and fountains of color and light.

Snapping pictures from every vantage point and posing selfies on the top,

We realized it was time for our flight and we should now hop.

Elevator had images flicking over its wall, We whooshed down in seconds to the mall.

Gazing in the awe of 830 meters of that tower of Smooth Shining glass appearing like a giant rocket ready to take off the sand cage,

We abide good bye to the Tallest skyscraper, while adding one more wonder to our travel dairy page!!

Book Review: A to Z of Surviving the First Year of Motherhood

Being a Mommy is the best moment of a women’s life, but it comes with all the responsibilities along with emotional and physical changes. So, how to come up with all this roller coaster of the motherhood? The Book A to Z of Surviving the First Year of Motherhood by Poorvi Khare, has all the tips and tricks to enjoy the first year of motherhood and live with no guilt only love and happiness!!!

Poorvi Khare is a freelance writer and mom blogger. She is an avid reader who got hooked on books when very young and is now following her passion for writing. You can find out more about Poorvi on her blog at Being Mommy & More, where she writes about mom life and parenting. As the cover says, the book walks through the 26 alphabets of surviving the first year of motherhood. While going through the book it felt that I am reliving my early days of motherhood and felt, I should have got this amazing guide at that time. An amazing read!!! 


  • The book has answers to all your baby basics: from breastfeeding, teething, baby sleep, diapers to first moments savers.
  •  Book is really a good friend to help you in reminding that you(a new mom) are not the one to fulfill everyone’s expectation, your baby is needs you.
  • It offers ideas to boost your inner self and inspires you to give yourself some Me-time!!
  • It helps a mom keep her sanity while still being the best to her new born, spouse and family.
  • It’s encourages you to have a community while raising the new born as its important to be updated with the outer world.
  • Mother’s instinct is the bond that binds you with your baby in a unique way.
  • It’s all about keeping your zest high, being happy, no shy in asking for help, love yourself, learn the quickies of motherhood, go for a vacation and be a mom to your little darling not at all a super mom to all in family !!


The book hardly leaves any scope to highlight any cons but I would love to have seen some baby pictures to enhance the reading experience adding some vacation destination or some sanity saver tools images. Some points are repeated a much time, so feels overdosed but overall amazing read. Book cover could have been a little more catchy specially the text font. And a more details about the connecting to the Author, blog site or facebook page, would have been appreciated.

The poetry at the end is the best motivation to the new moms

“…..You will fail, you will succeed,

But Don’t Worry, You amazing Momma, you will thrive…And Survive”

At the bottom:

The book is a perfect outline on how to make your first year of motherhood peaceful and happy. It an illuminating guide to navigate through the early one year of your kid and your motherhood!! So mom what are you waiting for, grab your copy free @blogchatter


My parenting book is also there on enjoying life with my celiac child. You can download it @blogchatter from the link

Cheers to all the Moms!!!

Book Review: Raising Capable Children

I express my gratitude to the #blogchatter for considering me to review the book, Raising Capable Children by SakshiVarma. Sakshi is a full-time development finance professional, wife to a design entrepreneur and mom to three lovely boys. Between her work, travel and managing 3 boys, she loves to take time out for her newfound passion for blogging. She blogs at MOM AAA+ with a positive outlook.

Parenting has no obvious rules or techniques. It’s just the way parents feed their youngsters. In this world full of material abundance and multi-tasking, where children are getting exposed to more and more external influences, we parents want happy, disciplined, confident kids. How to accomplish this Fed? Here lies the answer.


Raising capable children by Sakshi Varma, is a ready reckoner for parents who want to raise confident kids with right values, good attitudes and skills. The cover of the Book steals the eye and would surely demand your attention. It appropriately shows the winner and the happy kids, which is what the real essence of the book is. The Book is divided into 3 categories: values, attitudes and skills with a total of 23 chapter along with a few authors caveats (a must read).


  • Title of every chapter gives an insight into the contents and includes the tips to cultivate right values, good attitude and skills into child.
  • The author gives her best tips for understanding the kid and persevering them to excellence.
  • The Book gives a lot of insight into parenting and approaches to child rearing that will foster honesty, responsibility, knowledge, communication skills, versatility etc. into your toddler.
  • These strategies will help in your child’s mental and emotional development.
  • The book mainly focuses of a few core tips for understanding your child, celebrating uniqueness, positivity in life, enjoying the simple things in life, spending time with kids and most importantly how to offer gratitude to whatever you have in life and be satisfied.
  • These will help your child to foster the inner strength of empathy and successfully deal with the obstacles of life ahead.


Sakshi herself writes that the Book could be a little preachy as it is less of a book and more of detailed easy to implement tips to follow in a daily routine. Author goes into the same topic every next page and it thus feels a much overstretched. There are no pictures as being a toolbelt, but some pictures could have been added to enhance the reading experience. There a few formatting issues which I am sure Sakshi will take care before forwarding it.

Top quotes from the Book:

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder”

“If you just communicate you can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles.”

“Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain”

“A penny saved is a penny earned”

Concluding Remarks:

The book Raising Capable Kids is a great debut effort by Sakshi and I would like to congratulate her for this promising start. It is enlightening for all the parents to help them understand their kids in order to raise the independent, confident, grateful, responsible and committed citizens who will be the future leaders of the world. The book is a part of #BlogchatterEbook carnival
#blogchatterEbook carnival

 and can be downloaded for free only for a limited period, @

In this #blogchatterEbook carnival, you can also read my book on parenting a special child@

Awesome Agra

We embarked on a road trip to Agra, navigating through the Yamuna Express Way,

To soak in all the sights and sounds along the way.

Yamuna Express way is the most wholesome way of covering the journey,

As it is superbly built, along with the beautiful views applying a high tolling fee.

The drive and the picturesque countryside views are a soothing experience to your eyes,

You can see the longest of the road and the broadest of the sky.

After a pleasureful ride we reached the city of Mughal splendor and forts,

We crossed the busy thoroughfares of lanes and streets to step into the resort.

ITC Mughal, a beautiful property with untrammeled luxury of a royal refuge,

The entrance, the architecture, the rooms… everything was huge.

A five star accommodation with numerous water channels and an open air pale blue pool,

Lamps dangling from the ceilings with restaurants serving the mouthwatering food.

The evening was the time to spend in Mehtab Bagh (also called the moonlit garden) where lovebirds are usually caught,

This place is a rare retreat of natural bliss, and the most scenic spot.

A horticulture’s delight with scores of vibrantly blooming flowers,

Besides, it has umpteen fruit trees which add to the beauty of the park.

Known for its lip-smacking food, petha, forts and more,

Agra is a hotspot to monuments bequeathed by the legacy of Mughals and other architectural charms.

The top of the cherry is to view the Taj in the dazzling sunrise,

It appeared that Taj just bathed in the rosy glow creating a magic on its marble dome.

After entering, the water channels and fountains with sprawling gardens guide you the way,

To dip into the majestic site of this Glorious wonder, the Taj Mahal!! The symbol of undying love and dedication…

As you move closer, the delicacy and the fineness of the monument start to unravel,

The marble monument is like a fine gem studded in the beautiful lace latticed pattern.

Not to be missed are the flourishing bazars outside every gate, north, south, east or west,

Souvenirs, handicrafts, marble works carved products, while Postcards are the best.

Here the true cosmopolitan character of the city comes out,

The finest marble carved miniature Taj are marketed throughout.

The next was to visit the Fatepur Sikri and the Agra fort,

Both are a UNESCO heritage site made up all with red sandstone.

Built on the Yamuna bank, with exquisite structures like Diwar_i_ikhas, Pearl Mosque and Jahangiri Mahal,

Fatepur Sikri, the capital of Akbar regime, also gives a splendid view of utter magical Taj.

Also Friday mosque, Jama Majid, is a magnificent Mughal Structure,

Its inter walls have praising of Shah Jahan and his daughter Jahan Ara, Persian style scriptures.

With bumpy rides of rickshaw and hopping into the busy confusing lane,

We relished our wonderful visit to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal, symbol of undying love and fame!!!