Awesome Agra

We embarked on a road trip to Agra, navigating through the Yamuna Express Way,

To soak in all the sights and sounds along the way.

Yamuna Express way is the most wholesome way of covering the journey,

As it is superbly built, along with the beautiful views applying a high tolling fee.

The drive and the picturesque countryside views are a soothing experience to your eyes,

You can see the longest of the road and the broadest of the sky.

After a pleasureful ride we reached the city of Mughal splendor and forts,

We crossed the busy thoroughfares of lanes and streets to step into the resort.

ITC Mughal, a beautiful property with untrammeled luxury of a royal refuge,

The entrance, the architecture, the rooms… everything was huge.

A five star accommodation with numerous water channels and an open air pale blue pool,

Lamps dangling from the ceilings with restaurants serving the mouthwatering food.

The evening was the time to spend in Mehtab Bagh (also called the moonlit garden) where lovebirds are usually caught,

This place is a rare retreat of natural bliss, and the most scenic spot.

A horticulture’s delight with scores of vibrantly blooming flowers,

Besides, it has umpteen fruit trees which add to the beauty of the park.

Known for its lip-smacking food, petha, forts and more,

Agra is a hotspot to monuments bequeathed by the legacy of Mughals and other architectural charms.

The top of the cherry is to view the Taj in the dazzling sunrise,

It appeared that Taj just bathed in the rosy glow creating a magic on its marble dome.

After entering, the water channels and fountains with sprawling gardens guide you the way,

To dip into the majestic site of this Glorious wonder, the Taj Mahal!! The symbol of undying love and dedication…

As you move closer, the delicacy and the fineness of the monument start to unravel,

The marble monument is like a fine gem studded in the beautiful lace latticed pattern.

Not to be missed are the flourishing bazars outside every gate, north, south, east or west,

Souvenirs, handicrafts, marble works carved products, while Postcards are the best.

Here the true cosmopolitan character of the city comes out,

The finest marble carved miniature Taj are marketed throughout.

The next was to visit the Fatepur Sikri and the Agra fort,

Both are a UNESCO heritage site made up all with red sandstone.

Built on the Yamuna bank, with exquisite structures like Diwar_i_ikhas, Pearl Mosque and Jahangiri Mahal,

Fatepur Sikri, the capital of Akbar regime, also gives a splendid view of utter magical Taj.

Also Friday mosque, Jama Majid, is a magnificent Mughal Structure,

Its inter walls have praising of Shah Jahan and his daughter Jahan Ara, Persian style scriptures.

With bumpy rides of rickshaw and hopping into the busy confusing lane,

We relished our wonderful visit to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal, symbol of undying love and fame!!!

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A daughter a wife a mom a blogger a poet

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