Blissful Burj

Dubai dry hot, was never on my bucket list to go,

Especially for my husband it was a complete no.

But when we booked our Mauritius Flight with Emirates Airways,

We gave Dubai a few dates!!

While coming back we halted in the city of gold for a day,

To enjoy some shopping and visit the Blissful Burj!!!

We had only a few hours to enjoy majestic beauty of this majestic standing so high,

Raising from the desert land touching the clouds reaching out to the sky.

An adventure in itself, standing so tall in the heart of the city of Gulf –colorful and divine,

Burj Khalifa, the symbol of Glitz and Glamour, is spreading all around it’s silver shine.

We hit the clean road to wind up to the world’s largest mall, the Dubai mall,

The first thing that catches the eye is the skating rink and the gigantic aquarium wall.

The best of shopping experience and mouthwatering popcorn of all flavors,

The largest food courts, the best of cuisine teaming up with Gluten Free food to savor.

Trekking the longest mall, we approached the ticket counter,

And then was a long queue waiting for every eye’s first encounter….

While in the queue we admired the writings about the construction process and the time taken to build the tower so tall,

Extraordinary union of engineering and art has made it all.

Miniature Burj !!

And then there was the elevator that whizzed us to the 125th floor,

Our eyes were anticipating for much more.

The stunning view from the height was incredible,

Everything down the world seemed like a decimal.

Outer silhouette has viewing sections, that allows best picturesque views in camera to be caught,

The other skyscrapers standing so low, the palm islands, the entire Dubai along with its beach-line in one shot!!!

Our eyes had the best best feast of the colorful landscape with strips of flowers spread all around,

The building rising on land of sand stood so insignificant on the ground.

We missed the view of 148 floor as the time was less to reach that height,

But we rejoiced the extravagant view of best of land, air and fountains of color and light.

Snapping pictures from every vantage point and posing selfies on the top,

We realized it was time for our flight and we should now hop.

Elevator had images flicking over its wall, We whooshed down in seconds to the mall.

Gazing in the awe of 830 meters of that tower of Smooth Shining glass appearing like a giant rocket ready to take off the sand cage,

We abide good bye to the Tallest skyscraper, while adding one more wonder to our travel dairy page!!

Published by Dr. Jyoti Arora

A daughter a wife a mom a blogger a poet

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