The Naini Lake !!!

Nainital 2020 Travel - Nainital Best Places, Things to Do in Nainital

It makes the stars twinkle in day ,
It gets in together the sun and the shade.

It is living and dead too,
Boats are more and fishes left a few!!
The wave, it’s move ,it’s curve ,it’s groove
All enough to make your soul drool !!!

Half light and half shade makes up its beauty whole day,
Slowly by evening it all sets in and goes away.
When the clouds cover those millions of water waves ,
It feels to step in that amazing heaven-like water cave!!

The sun sets in , the mountains cover it all round ,
The love walk beside the lake is spell-bound
In night the beauty increases many folds,
It’s silence , its noise, the ice cream in that weather so cold !!!

And that is the beauty of the Naini lake in Nanital. Our every month destination to feel close to nature. rejuvenating ourselves!!

Published by Dr. Jyoti Arora

A daughter a wife a mom a blogger a poet

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