Silky Smoothy Chocolaty Land, Its Switzerland

Riding a little red train between peek and pine
Hiking and biking beside lakeshores and pea green vine
Soaking yourself in a mountain spa
Hearing the sound of cows bell jangleja
Our voyage to Switzerland
Zurich was the accommodation to be the first
And it’s plentious to fulfill the abroad thirst
Sedans touring cars trams jeeps junkers and planes
All well connected lane to lane
Having the best quality of life within its core
Museums art galleries opera house Parade Street and much more

The next in the array was Lucerne for sure
The Lucerne lake was so clam so smooth so classic so pure
The transit bridge had chromatic flowers infinite
The romantic lovey dovey place chosen so right
The ducks the swans taking the dips so near
I still dig into the purple light reflecting in the water so clear
Kris still hanging on to panorama of the lake
The best was dining together having the honey Swiss cake
All the natural feel good factors it had
Flawless unmingled purity of nature that made us mad

Mount Titlis, 10000 feet, it was supreme high
Reaching there was beyond the thought of my
Cable cars and cars and cars were they all
Every moment I thought I’ll just fall
Scared scared scared holding his hand and my breath too
We finally could hit the peak there
And then the view was mind blasting
It had every bit of this earth
The ground the sky the air the water
The snow the melt the mountains and the depth

Above the glacier, was the icy cave
Where we embossed our forever love image
And that will be there for ages to be
Till the dooms day Kris and Me

Rhine falls with water so white
Splashing waves never out of my sight
Uncountable steep and narrow stairs we climbed together
To have spectacular vista of falls and feel the cool romantic weather

Lakes Thun and Brienz join at Interlaken so close
On that cruize the wind was so chill that we frooze

Crossing Interlaken we reached another height
Named Jungfrau and that was again all in one might
Top of Europe it’s so called
To complete that stretch the trains just crawled

Place away from home were we
But suddenly could catch up with Geetu n Anubhav ji
They made our day so bright
N the evening more fun with dinner candle light!!!

The waves the rocks with no veg meals
I experienced the heaven glittering all it’s veil

The eternal home the happy hunting ground with sky so blue
It had the longest glacial flow with majestic view
Ill cherish every moment spent there
With Kris and all his affection, warmth, love and care
So creamy so polished it was
A Glimpse of heaven it was!!!

Published by Dr. Jyoti Arora

A daughter a wife a mom a blogger a poet

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