Staying Active: A Happy Celiac

Being physically active is the key to being physically and mentally fit, and helps everyone (healthy or a diseased person) become a more balanced, physically fit person. They will not only stay healthier, but will be happier, live longer, and also sleep better. This will help boost a person’s mental outlook, and also increase their self esteem. Physical fitness is one of the most important steps to a healthy body. Any activity that gets you moving, gets your heart rate up and gives you enough pleasure to do it regularly and often is good for you in almost every way. Staying active benefits different parts of your body and life. A daily exercise regime can do wonders for our health.

From mental-health to physical fitness, staying active can help us live a healthier and happier life. Whether it is working out in a gym, brisk walking, jogging, swimming, riding a bike, or playing a sport, any kind of physical activity releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body.  Adding a regular physical activity regimen to our routine can help improve our gut microbiome, decrease intestinal inflammation, and help to move food through your digestive tract. When we exercise, the body goes through many changes and functions. A combination of different physical activities, and at an adequate level, is certainly beneficial to your health. Of course, exercise can be difficult for some people suffering from more serious illnesses or more acute inflammation. The key to success is to start slowly and gradually increase your level of exercise.

While we started the GF diet for D, he was not at all active. He was week and had no strength. I slowly, started figuring out what worked best for him. And that included both his diet and sport activities. When D first joined his sport class, Week after week, he gained strength. It took a while, and it was hard. But he felt great every next day. We learned that these activities were not only important for building muscle mass, but it also strengthen his immune system. Now D goes regularly for his sports. It helps stay active. After his activities he is hungry and eats more fiber because of the extra energy expenditure due to exercise. He now enjoys many sports including football, lawn tennis, his swimming classes… and because of this lock down everything is stopped and it just he and his football on the terrace.

Staying active encourages healthy growth and development in childhood. It helps maintain a healthy weight and strengthens bones and muscles and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. It makes you feel happier and more energized.

 For adults, Yoga is a particularly excellent type of exercise to do to help regulate your digestive system. Poses that involve twisting are especially beneficial. The twisting movements help move material through the digestive system. D does not like Yoga but we have habit of doing “suryanamaskar” every day. So mom and kids enjoy it and benefit from it every evening.

Eating a well-balanced, varied gluten free diet, which includes a wide range of foods, will make sure that you’re getting all the nutrients you need to perform well at whichever sport you choose. So just let your kid play his favorite sport and stay active $ healthy life long!!!

This is my alphabet S for “Staying Active: A Happy Celiac”, in #BlogchatterA2Z #AprilA2Z in Parenting Tales with A Celiac Child. Do share your experiences as it’s always incredibly beneficial to connect with others who share similar experiences.

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