Cycling: My New Health Mantra

During this viral menace, cycling has proved to be a blessing for me. Caught up in the house whole day and night, I started cycling to wear off the covid blues. And it truly was a great relief that kept my wheel of life and health rolling. With all the safety precautions, I could fight my boredom and stay active too. I already was a member of the cycling group #cyclespinners Faridabad, but was not that regular.

This pandemic made me a cycling enthusiast, and I pedal every day to catch up all the peace and the calm in me. It’s like a meditation to me now that heals me from inside!!! And weekends are for a half century ride for me!!(Max was 65 Kms)

Physical exercise is the best way to strengthen our immune system and cycling does all the good to your body. I feel fit (not slimJ). It is a great cardiovascular exercise that helps burn calories and increases muscle strength too. It is a stress buster better than my monotonous walks and gym. It helped me in better sleep and my overall wellbeing.

If there was one positive that could be pulled out of the calamitous coronavirus tragedy, it is the turnaround it has brought on environment and air quality. So, I enjoyed nature on my bike too.  The sun, the sky, the trees, the birds … all felt like all are breathing and living. Its amazing to see the early morning cycling through the lush greens in areas near Faridabad. The best was spotting a peacock on the main road, that earlier had only traffic, truck, buses, cars and pollution on it. Even the evening rides are exciting watching the never so clear sky with all the colors spread over. The most beautiful was the two rainbow day!!!

Cycling is the one stop shop cure for all these diseases. A holistic exercise, exercising our entire body and with immense benefits to the lungs, cycling is the perfect antidote for all our lifestyle diseases in the era we live in.

The cycle ticks everything on the pandemic precaution checklist. You maintain physical distancing norms because you cannot get close to anyone else. It keeps you fit. And now with less traffic on the roads, it is safer than before.  So just fit it into your daily schedule and reap the enormous benefits.

Published by Dr. Jyoti Arora

A daughter a wife a mom a blogger a poet

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