Cycling: My New Health Mantra

During this viral menace, cycling has proved to be a blessing for me. Caught up in the house whole day and night, I started cycling to wear off the covid blues. And it truly was a great relief that kept my wheel of life and health rolling. With all the safety precautions, I could fightContinue reading “Cycling: My New Health Mantra”

Recovering from accidental gluten exposure.

When a person with celiac disease consumes gluten, the immune system recognizes gluten protein as a foreign invader and begins producing antibodies to fight it. Unfortunately, healthy cells are damaged in the process – particularly the villi lining the small intestine. When they are damaged by autoimmune activity, their function becomes impaired. It is thisContinue reading “Recovering from accidental gluten exposure.”

Staying Active: A Happy Celiac

Being physically active is the key to being physically and mentally fit, and helps everyone (healthy or a diseased person) become a more balanced, physically fit person. They will not only stay healthier, but will be happier, live longer, and also sleep better. This will help boost a person’s mental outlook, and also increase theirContinue reading “Staying Active: A Happy Celiac”

Silky Smoothy Chocolaty Land, Its Switzerland

Riding a little red train between peek and pineHiking and biking beside lakeshores and pea green vineSoaking yourself in a mountain spaHearing the sound of cows bell janglejaOur voyage to SwitzerlandZurich was the accommodation to be the firstAnd it’s plentious to fulfill the abroad thirstSedans touring cars trams jeeps junkers and planesAll well connected laneContinue reading “Silky Smoothy Chocolaty Land, Its Switzerland”

The Naini Lake !!!

It makes the stars twinkle in day ,It gets in together the sun and the shade. It is living and dead too,Boats are more and fishes left a few!!The wave, it’s move ,it’s curve ,it’s grooveAll enough to make your soul drool !!! Half light and half shade makes up its beauty whole day,Slowly byContinue reading “The Naini Lake !!!”

Blissful Burj

Dubai dry hot, was never on my bucket list to go, Especially for my husband it was a complete no. But when we booked our Mauritius Flight with Emirates Airways, We gave Dubai a few dates!! While coming back we halted in the city of gold for a day, To enjoy some shopping and visitContinue reading “Blissful Burj”

Book Review: A to Z of Surviving the First Year of Motherhood

Being a Mommy is the best moment of a women’s life, but it comes with all the responsibilities along with emotional and physical changes. So, how to come up with all this roller coaster of the motherhood? The Book A to Z of Surviving the First Year of Motherhood by Poorvi Khare, has all theContinue reading “Book Review: A to Z of Surviving the First Year of Motherhood”

Book Review: Raising Capable Children

I express my gratitude to the #blogchatter for considering me to review the book, Raising Capable Children by SakshiVarma. Sakshi is a full-time development finance professional, wife to a design entrepreneur and mom to three lovely boys. Between her work, travel and managing 3 boys, she loves to take time out for her newfound passionContinue reading “Book Review: Raising Capable Children”

Awesome Agra

We embarked on a road trip to Agra, navigating through the Yamuna Express Way, To soak in all the sights and sounds along the way. Yamuna Express way is the most wholesome way of covering the journey, As it is superbly built, along with the beautiful views applying a high tolling fee. The drive andContinue reading “Awesome Agra”